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BitRobby is a fully automated algorithmic trading bot. It uses the volatility of the Bitcoin price to increase your USD capital. 

Our cryptocurrency bot delivers stable and progressive results since January 2019. It works on reliable exchanges with good liquidity like Binance. Join BitRobby and experience this powerful trading bot yourself.

  • 1 Month 0%
  • Last Year 218%
  • 12 Months 165%
  • Since Start 307%
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Watch how BitRobby can increase your portfolio in USDT with less downside risk than holding Bitcoin and more stable results. Our heavily tested cryptocurrency trading bot works!


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Our trading bot is already used by Hedge Funds, corporates and high net worth individuals. The goal of BitRobby is to make this institutional level trading software available for everyone.

  • Proven strategy
  • 87% USD profit in 2019
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  • 5 minutes, plug and play
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